Friday, May 22, 2009

And the summer begins...

Okay, so I feel kind of bad that I haven't posted much recently! Sorry about that! I've been crazy busy these past few weeks! Here's what has happened lately:
  • I successfully "junior marshalled" the seniors of Culver-Stockton College during Graduation this was pretty exciting! Oh, and this will only mean something to those of you who have been in band...I never have to perform "Fanfare and Pro/Recessional" ever again!!! I didn't have to perform it this year because I walked in and out with the seniors....and next year I will BE a senior! (for those of you who are's the songs that are played when the seniors march in and gets a little old after playing it over and over 5 different years...)
  • went to a 21st birthday party for one of my Hard Rock Cafe in St. Louis! good times! ... and a little scary, too, because soon I will be 21!!
  • FINALLY made it home, just in time for Mother's Day. Yay!
  • Started (and now finished) my junior early field experience for school. I needed 40 hours in an upper elementary classroom and had to teach 2 lessons. I was in a 4th and 5th grade reading/math improvement class (okay, there were actually 4 classes, but some of the kids were in 2 classes...4th reading/LA, 5th reading/LA, 4th math, and 5th math). my lessons went really well, and I enjoyed it a lot! Never thought I would ever be happy with the older kids, but I know now that I would! :)
  • started working again at culver's...yay!! been working about 40 hours each week...5 nights a week, anywhere from 7-9 hours at a time...always closing (which means not getting home til at the earliest 11:15pm). it's been pretty exhausting since i had to get up at 7 on the weekdays for school!
  • i'm taking an online class's going well, it doesn't seem like it will be too hard. 3 quizzes, 2 papers, and like 6ish discussion questions. Not bad at all for a 3 credit hour class!
  • i did 7 loads of laundry the other night...yes, it was all, it wasn't even all of it...hahaha. 
  • this is totally random, but again i had someone ask me if i was engaged...haha, because of my purity ring on my right hand. :)
Well, I think that is about it...hope I didn't forget anything! :) I am really excited for the summer and all that comes with it! 


Kristen said...

I miss you lil' Sis!!

Keenan said...

dude i totally wait forever to do my laundry too. quit copying me!