Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Job!!!

Guess what?!?! I got a JOB! :D

There is a new restaurant going in in town, called Saints Avenue Cafe. It hasn't opened yet, so I haven't actually started working yet. But last night, we all got together and filled out tax forms and such. We are meeting again on Thursday for an orientation of sorts. They were originally going to open on November 1st, but I think it will be later than that.

As far as what I will be doing, I believe I will be a waitress. It is a sit-down restaurant. I believe it is similar to a Golden Corral. The menu has a variety of items....from breakfast to appetizers to sandwiches to steaks, seafood...and of course salad and desserts.

I am super excited to have a job again...but I am a little nervous because it is new and I have never waitressed before.

But, just wanted to update you all!


Sheryl said...

You will do a great job - you have the smiling personality and the memory!!

Kristen said...

Sounds like fun!!! Congrats! Not to be repetitious, but I also think you'll do great!!