Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Last Day

Today was my very last day of student teaching. It was pretty strange walking out the doors after school, knowing that I will most likely never see any of those students again! :(

My second grade teacher and students were sweet enough to get me a good-bye present. She ordered an organization tote, with my name on it, and all the students brought in something to put in the bag. I received pencils, pens, paper, sticky notes, dry-erase markers, highlighters, stickers, and paper clips, along with much more! Each student also drew a picture for me and the teacher bound them into a book. How cool is that?! I tried to upload some of those pictures, but for some reason, blogger keeps turning them sideways and so it's hard to see them. But they are super sweet! I have included pictures of my bag and some of the things in it, along with pictures of a card that I received from one of the girls.

My way cool, super cute organization tote, complete with my name, "Miss G", on it

All of the stuff that was in the bag spread out on the's alot!
Another picture.....
I also received this cute plaque....
This is the card that one of the girls made for me....the front is not shown because blogger wouldn't load it right, but the front says, "Good bye Ms. G! You taught me alot! I'll miss you because..."
The other side of the inside of the card....super sweet, right?

Anyway, that is that!! I am excited to be done, yet it is weird also! Tomorrow and Friday I will be finishing packing up everything and then Saturday I graduate! Can't wait to see all of you that are coming! :)


mom said...

What a super cool good-bye gift and an amazing amount of things!! Wow!!

Kristen said...

I love your new tote! :)