Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is a coming...

I am sure you all will agree with me when I say Spring is most definitely welcome! Just a few more days til Spring is "technically" here...and I know we could still get snow and cold weather since we are in the Midwest...however, I won't let that dampen my spirits!! I am feeling good! :)

Yesterday was my first day back to school with classes and all. It was a very good day. :) I just got back from babysitting Coleton. According to his mom, Sara, he talked about me the entire spring break...how sweet! Apparently he somehow knows when it is Tuesday and Thursday (the days I watch him) because on Tuesday and Thursday of last week, he kept asking his mom where "Miss Kendra" was. She explained to him that I was in Iowa and then Texas. He didn't believe her because his response was, "No, Miss Kendra (is) up the hill." (they live in the part of Canton that is down the hill from the college, so I live "on the hill".) Pretty cute, huh? I can't believe how big he is getting already! In only a month, he will be 2. I started babysitting him when he was 5 months old...crazy!!

Anyways, about the rest of my break. I flew to Dallas early Wednesday morning (arriving at 8ish). Heath, Kristen, and Ainsley were all there to greet me. :) We took Heath to work then Kristen, Ainsley and I drove home. I played with Ainsley for a little bit, then she went down for a nap...and I did, too. I ended up sleeping for like 3 hours...wow. But, remember, I had woken up that morning at 4:15am so I was pretty beat. The rest of the day I just hung out with Ainsley and Kristen, until Heath got home. The rest of my time there was much the same...minus the 3 hour nap...but I did take some cat naps, I think at least 2 a day. (I got spoiled ;) ) We had some AMAZING food made by my sister. Did I ever tell you how AWESOME of a cook she is?? Well, I am telling you now. I don't remember the name of the dish she made Wednesday night, but it had chicken and rice and it was good! Thursday night we had pork...with some type of glaze on it...don't remember exactly? But also with cooked apples, and it was really tasty! Friday night was pizza night! Woo hoo! Again...amazing. Then Saturday night they took me out to eat at Olive Garden...yummy! It was definitely hard to come back to school food yesterday...

All in all a good break! And now I am back at school and suddenly the weather has turned amazing! Even though I have been waiting for spring for like FOREVER, it is still hard for me to believe that it is finally, actually here! Yay!!!

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Kristen said...

I couldn't agree more with your excitement for Spring!!

We had a blast having you here! And I felt very spoiled since you helped out with Ainsley so much!! :)

love you Sis!