Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What is the purpose??

Earwigs. Just the name of the things creeps me out. Living in the basement of my house, I have had several run-ins with these creepy crawlers. I recently read a friend's blog that discussed how they had to "bomb" their house because of all the earwigs. I shudder just to think about that many earwigs in my house. Pondering these things, I started to tell myself that they were the worst of all of God's creation. But I stopped myself. To back up just a bit, I am scared of and hate plenty of different insects. Bees, for one. Spiders, for another. And earwigs. You will almost (almost I said) find me running from a room screaming if there is a spider or earwig present.
So, I detest the little creatures just as much as the next person. But does that give me a right to say they are the worst of all of God's creation? After all, he created everything for a purpose. For those of us who hate spiders, we remind ourselves constantly that when they are outside they do good because they catch and eat small insects. Bats keep the mosquito population down, and bees pollinate flowers. Does that make me like any of those things more? Heck no. But it does put my thinking into perspective. So, how come we never hear what good earwigs do? Personally, I think it is because there is not a single person on this earth (okay, except maybe scientists) who actually want to find some good in the things.
But, nevertheless, I worked up my courage (haha) to google the purpose of earwigs on this earth, half expecting to get no results. To my dismay, there was an answer. Sigh. Turns out we can't get rid of all the earwigs on the planet because they do serve a purpose. According to John A. Jackman, an extension survey entomologist at the Texas Agricultural Extension Service at Texas A&M University, earwigs feed "on both dead and living insects as well as mosses, lichens, algae, fungi and occasionally some growing plants." So, see, they do have a purpose in this world. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, this article also mentioned that earwigs do NOT reproduce indoors. Yay!
Anyways, I thought it was interesting that we so often fail to realize how every creature, plant, animal, and person has a purpose in this world set forth by God alone. If he even has a purpose for the earwigs that everyone hates, how much more of a purpose do you think he has for you and me?


Kristen said...

good point!

Janelle AKA Mom said...

Great research! Bugs never bother me outdoors, but indoors is another subject...