Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, I am sitting here in our hotel room in Boston, Massachusetts!! :) We left Sunday after church and drove for about 11 hours, but time-wise it was more like 12 because of the time change. We spent Sunday night in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and then continued on to Niagara Falls. We did the "Journey Behind the Falls" at Niagara Falls where you actually go right next to the Horseshoe Falls (Canadian Falls). It was so neat to be right next to all that water pouring over the edge!! According to the facts, 34 million gallons of water are poured over the falls every minute. Wow!!! That's a lot of water!!!

We also did "Maid of the Mist", the boat that takes you right up next to the Canadian Falls. We also did the new attraction there called "Niagara's Fury". None of us were very impressed with that though--it was just a simulation-type thing, not nearly as cool as the real thing. Let's see, that was Monday and then we drove on to Boston. We arrived late again, so we had two late nights in a row, but it's been good! Today we went whale watching; it was great!! We had several sightings of the same mom and calf humpback whales. It was really neat to be that close to wild whales! Then later we went to visit the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill Monument. The USS Constitution was really neat--lots of history! Bunker Hill was okay, we were all already tired and we had to climb 294 steps!! It was a really good work-out!

Currently we are lounging in our hotel room, just enjoying some relaxation time. I was going to upload some pictures but they are taking too long and I'm impatient! :) I will try again some other time!

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Kristen said...

you guys have been busy!! so glad you're enjoying the trip so far! :)