Thursday, March 25, 2010

2nd grade

My first week in second grade is coming to a close, so I thought I would give you a few highlights of my week:
  • Being called "Miss G" sounds like such a simple thing, but for some reason "Miss G" sounds so much more appealing to me than "Miss Gehman" reason being that I tend to get called "Mrs." a lot and "Mrs. Gehman" is my mom....not me! But I don't know anyone called "Miss/Mrs. G" so it works great! Plus, I get quite tired of pronouncing/spelling my name for people.
  • One of the second grade boys telling me I had a ladybug on my....ummm, bottom. Haha, and yes, that is the word he used...and yes, he did hesitate to say it.
  • Being able to sit by a boy and help him work through his math and seeing his face light up when he gets it
  • One of the second grade boys just loves to annoy me by leaning his chair back and balancing on the back two legs. It has become quite the thing between us as I can simply look at him and he puts his chair back on the ground. Anyway, a lady comes in to help in the afternoons on Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Tuesday, this boy asked the lady if she and I were related. Now, mind you, we look nothing alike, but you want to know why he asked? Because we both tell him to put his chair down! :) Haha! I couldn't help but laugh when I heard that one....
  • I got bombarded today with questions about what the "ozone" is, because my teacher had them write the sentence "We must protect the ozone", to work on their spelling words. They did not know what "ozone" meant and asked her, but she refused to tell them because it wasn't important at the moment. Then she got caught up talking to another teacher for a few minutes and stepped out of the room for a bit, which is when they all turned to me and asked, "Miss G, what's the ozone?", "Are we breathing the ozone?", and, my personal favorite, "Can you walk on the ozone?" (Where do they come up with this stuff??) Needless to say, I had to make sure they wrote their sentence rather than try to explain the ozone to them, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Anyway...those are just a few highlights of my first week in second grade. It is quite different from kindergarten, of snack, no calendar time, and no quiet time, but I think I will learn to love it. I do miss my kindergarteners, though....I see some of them in the hall and after school occasionally, which is nice, especially because they almost always give me a hug. :)

Tomorrow, I will only be at school for half the day....after lunch, because we have a career/interview day on campus. I will be attending a presentation at 8:45am and then I have two interviews later that morning as well. I am quite nervous about them, simply because I have had very few interviews in my life and zero teacher interviews!! I will be glad when they are over!


Kristen said...

sounds like so much fun! your kids sound hilarious! :) I'll be praying for your interviews tomorrow!! love ya!

mom said...

I've been waiting to hear all this!! Thanks! I will be praying for you tomorrow too - but just be yourself and you'll do great!! love you!