Friday, December 3, 2010


It's officially Christmas season!! :)

I am soo excited for Christmas this always, I suppose! :) We put our tree up this past Monday night. I had to work til 8 (ended up getting off at 7, though), and it was cold and rainy, so just the guys went to go get the tree. (Yes, Mom and I trusted them enough to get a good one all by themselves :P) They picked out an AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL tree!! It's about 7 feet tall and about 5 feet wide at the bottom. The guys ended up putting 1500 multi-colored lights on it and it is GORGEOUS! Then, of course, we all put our own ornaments on the tree, but it was very different this year because only Kaleb's and my ornaments were put on so there are a lot more of my parents' ornaments this year!

The other exciting part about this Christmas season is that I have almost ALL of my Christmas shopping done so far! All I need is my mom's present. The rest are already wrapped and under the tree! Woohoo!! I am NEVER this prepared for Christmas.

On the not-so-bright side, my dog, Snowbelle, got very sick over Thanksgiving weekend and we had to take her to the vet. She would not eat; we had to force her to drink, and by Friday night she couldn't even stand on her back legs. I had to literally support her back end so that she could pee. :( It was pretty sad and scary. It turns out she had a really nasty fever/infection, which was quickly taken care of by antibiotics and fluids. However, they found out that her bladder stones are back again. 15 months ago, she had surgery, during which they removed too many stones to count from her bladder. She had to go on a special diet and eat this food (that is really expensive) that was supposed to prevent the stones from coming back. Now they are back, but this time there are only about 13. From talking to our new vet, it sounds like the stones last time were 90% made up of the type of stone that wouldn't come back with the food, but 10% made up of stones that some dogs (including Bichons) just naturally produce for some reason. What our vet said is that she probably naturally produces these stones (nothing we can do about that), but then her bladder gets infected and the other stones form around the existing ones. So, unfortunately, my 10 year old dog is scheduled for her 2nd bladder surgery in 1.5 years. However, it sounds like we might be able to do more to prevent them from causing problems in the future. Obviously with any surgery there are risks, and even more so with an older animal and a 2nd surgery, but I am praying that it is God's will that she survive, for a little longer anyway.

Anyway, sorry to end on kind of a bad note, but it has been on my mind a lot lately. Good news is, she is doing much, much better than she was, so she should be as healthy as possible before her surgery next Thursday.

Oh, random snowed today!! Unfortunately, it didn't last long, but enough to slightly accumulate! It's soo pretty! :)

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