Friday, December 3, 2010


In light of the recent happenings over Thanksgiving, I feel the need to express all the thoughts and memories that have been running through my mind the past several days.

I remember the first time I heard you whine.
Mom had just transferred you from the box in the garage to the birthday bag to bring you inside.
I had already received your food container, rug, and food/water bowls, but I figured it meant I was getting a dog soon, not that day.
Then I heard you whine as Mom brought you to me.
I gasped.
I remember pulling you out of the bag.
You had a pink bow in your fluffy, white fur.
My heart melted immediately.

None of us can quite figure out how you knew you were MY dog, but you definitely knew.
Since that very first day, you have been my shadow, my puppy, my friend.
You used to sleep in my bed every night, usually under the covers, sometimes by my legs, sometimes by my arms, always tucked in close.
Now you have your own bed, due to the inability to jump up on my bed and the lack of desire to cuddle close anymore.

I love the way you get so excited to go to bed.
I love remembering how I would walk in the door to see you waiting for me at the top of the steps.
I love the fact that you would lick away my tears when I felt so alone.
I love the eagerness in your eyes as you beg for food, or a treat.
I love that you have been with me for over 10 years now.
I love remembering how you would nip my heels if I ran up or down the stairs.
I love seeing you plow through the snow to go to the bathroom, even though there is a cleared place for you.
I love remembering how you and Bashful used to play together, chasing each other around the house.

Some say that having this kind of a relationship with a dog is unreal. However, I did not work for this relationship at all; it simply happened. While others may not understand it, looking back, I feel that God put you in my life to help me through some rough times. Sometimes you were the only one that I could pour my heart out to and you would simply listen and do your best to comfort me with your presence and your kisses. I can't imagine the day when you will be gone from my life, but I hope it is a long time in coming.

I love you, Snowbelle Princess.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice letter about Snowbelle. She has been a good dog so I hope she lasts a little longer too. Grandma G