Thursday, September 27, 2012

Keeping my promise!

I have been promising pictures all summer long, and here they finally are!

I am going to show you pictures of each room/area from before we started any work plus pictures of how it all looks now, so you can see the differences! There are a lot of pitures, so bear with me!

Let's start with the front door...      Here it is before we did anything with it...It needed replaced because it didn't latch anymore, due to it being 30+ years old.

And now here is the brand new door! Notice the new light? We found out pretty quickly that it was almost impossible to see enough to unlock the door when coming home after dark, so my dad was awesome enough to install a new light for us!

And here is a picture of the new door from the inside. See the tiled entryway? It was carpet before...
Oh, and I do have a rug to go there, but it's currently being washed. Plus, I wanted you all to be able to see the tile. :)

Next up is the kitchen. Here is the before picture.

And the after picture, from almost the same viewpoint....

Quite a difference, huh? Here are a few more pictures of the rest of the kitchen. Notice the brand new stove that my wonderful brother, Kaleb, bought for me? :)

Next we will do the living room. 
Here are a few before pictures...two taken from the kitchen area and one from the hallway.

And the after pictures...

Doesn't it look great?

Alright, next we head down the hallway. Not much to see in the hallway, but things did change!

Before...notice the floor, walls, and curtains (hard to see, I know)

Notice the back door on the right...again, hard to see, but it got replaced as well!

And now, the after pictures!

New curtains!!

The mirror you see on the wall was actually there before, I just didn't get a picture of it. This will come a little bit later, but notice the laundry room doors on the left? Brand new and "professionally" stained (by Dad).

Here's the new back door...a twin to the front door.

Next, the laundry "room". 


Doesn't look like much of a change, does it? Notice the shelf is gone, and the new doors, and in the second picture, you can just barely see that we replaced the floor, too.

The floor is still linoleum, but you can hardly tell, right? It almost looks like wood laminate. :)

We have to backtrack a bit...going back down the hall towards the living room to Kaleb's room.
You can't tell in these pictures or in the living room ones, but we actually tore down the inside walls to Kaleb's room and moved the one that adjoins the living room out another 16" into the living room, to make Kaleb's room a bit bigger. :)
Here are the before pictures...

And the after pictures....Quite a change, huh? :)

Next up is the bathroom. This is the one room/area that we did absolutely nothing with the floor, due to the fact that it was recently replaced. 


And after... I am in love with my bathroom :)

And now, the last room of the room!
Before....Sorry, the before pictures aren't the greatest...can't see much.

And after! Beware of bright colors! :)

Compare this next picture with the first before picture....see what's different? 
We tore out a whole half of the closet! Since this was designed to be the master bedroom, there were two closets along this wall...I decided I really didn't need THAT much closet space, haha. Plus, this gave me more wall space and more furniture space, since it doesn't work very well to put furniture in front of a closet door.... :) We affectionately call this area "the nook". 

Well, that's it for pictures! I told you it was a lot! We did SO much work, it's hard to point out everything that's different and/or new. Just believe me when I say, we did A LOT of work to make it look like it does now. One thing I haven't mentioned yet...remember all the new curtains? Without the help of my grandma, my mom, and my sister, those curtains would not exist! Every single curtain had to be adjusted in some way, shortened, widened....or just made in general! Remember Kaleb's curtains? The bright orange ones....those are actually a flat bed sheet! I would never have been able to make a bed sheet into curtains, but with the help of my sister and my mom, they were made! Also, the bathroom curtains were made from a pair of pillow cases...pretty awesome, huh? We had to get creative because we couldn't find matching curtains for either of those two rooms! 

Did you notice how EVERY SINGLE ROOM got a new coat of paint? Or rather, new coats of paint... :) The ceiling also got a new coat of paint...hard to tell in these pictures, but every square inch of the ceiling was re-painted as well! After 30+ years, it really needed it. 

I know I already did a post thanking everyone, but after looking through these pictures again, I just have to say thank you again to everyone for their help!! I absolutely love it all....I know it was hard sometimes getting me to make a decision, but we got through it and the results are amazing. :)


Mom said...

Dad and I learned a lot about your decision making this summer :-) but you did a great job and it all came together to look fantastic...if only that brown furniture had stayed in our basement!!!

Kenna Glover said...

it all came together so great(: you made great descions(: all looks very nice!!