Friday, June 28, 2013

One Way to Make Me Smile Everyday :)

The week of Memorial Day my family helped me put in a flower bed along the porch. I have been wanting to plant flowers ever since moving out of my parents house but was unable to do so when living in an apartment. If you remember, being able to plant flowers was one of the perks to buying this place!

Anyway, it started out just being something my mom and I were going to do, and it turned into almost a whole family project, which was great! I love getting more time with my family and I love how they show their love in supporting me. :) 

On Memorial Day, my dad and Kaleb replaced the landscape timbers under the side of porch where the flower bed was going to go (after 30+ years, the previous landscape timbers were practically gone because of rotting away). Then, on Wednesday of that week, my sister and her two girls, my mom, my dad, and my grandma all came over for the installation of the flower bed. Oh, earlier that week (I don't remember when...Monday? Sunday?) my mom and I had gone shopping for flowers and I had bought petunias and geraniums in red, white, purple, and pink. Also earlier that week (or the week before...again, hazy on the details of when), my mom, my dad and I had gone shopping and they helped me pick out some bricks to put around the flower bed. So, Wednesday morning, my dad and Kaleb started laying the bricks down while my mom and I finished taking out the white rock around the mailbox that I didn't want there. After the bricks were done, we filled it in with some more dirt and then Kristen and I planted the flowers. 

It was so much fun to have everyone here and to have help with the flower bed! I absolutely LOVE coming home to such a bright splash of color right next to the driveway! It still puts a smile on my face every day. :)
The flowers are doing very well. The petunias I got are a special spreading variety, so they are already spreading quite a bit and some of the plants are 4 or 5 times the size they started at!! So cool! There were a few of the red petunias that my sister and I weren't too sure if they were going to make it, because they looked kind of sad. I am happy to say that all but one are doing quite well, and the one that didn't do well was my fault....(I was pulling weeds after coming back from vacation--holy cow they grow fast!--and I accidentally pulled it up, too! In my defense, it wasn't doing very well anyway... =P) All the rest of them...the geraniums included... are doing very well. Oh! I forgot! On the day we planted everything, I felt like I wanted a slightly bigger plant of some kind at the one end by the stairs. So, Kristen and I headed off to see what we could find. It didn't take long and soon we were back with a yellow lily plant. It's super pretty! Right now it's not it done for the year? I don't know. But it was really pretty when it was blooming! 

I know you all are dying for some pictures, but those will have to wait. I need some current pictures so you can see how well they are doing and it's already getting dark outside, so I will have to wait. :) Stay tuned for the pictures!


Mom said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

Kristen said...

I'm so glad the flowers are doing so well! It was fun to help! :)