Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The old landscape timbers....

The new landscape timbers...and the proposed spot for the flower bed!

Dad and Kaleb pulling up the sod for the flower bed

Getting ready for the bricks

What Mom and I did while they dug up the sod and laid the bricks

Laying the first bricks

Looking good!

All done!

Guys are done, too!

Grandma and Piper hung out on the porch 

Mid-morning snack :)

Planting the geraniums

Geraniums are done!

Planting the petunias

Ainsley hung out on the porch, too. Sisterly love!

Pretty geranium!

The lily plant I bought. Love it!

All done!

Current pictures! 


Mom said...

Wow! It looks great!

Kristen said...

wow!!! they look awesome! :)