Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to the Grind

I am back in Canton, MO, all settled in for the semester...kind of. I'd be glad to go through the semester without the classes, but that's not going to happen...haha.

I moved my room around a bit...not much. My desk, which was by the window, is now moved out a bit, along the window wall where my bed was. My bed is now in the space where my desk was. It's different....maybe not perfect, but I needed a change. One thing that I like about it is that my desk area is not so crowded. I also like that the head of my bed is now against a wall, so I can watch TV and read better! :)

Classes start bright and early tomorrow morning...ok, not that early, 9:15am. But any time is too early for class. :)

More to come later!

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