Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This may seem like a ridiculous thing to pray for at the moment, but it is causing me a lot of frustration.

As you all know Sigma Kappa conducted a book drive this past semester. Since December, we have been trying to get a truck driver to come pick up the books. The first few times it was scheduled, the driver didn't show up. When he did finally show up, everyone was gone for break, but campus safety showed them where the books were. However, the driver rejected the books because they were not packaged correctly. So, when I returned on Sunday, we shrink-wrapped the books on the pallets and scheduled another time for the books to be picked up. That was yesterday. The driver didn't show. So, it was scheduled for today. The driver actually showed up this time. However, he could not get his truck back to the loading dock where the pallets were. If I had known that they would be sending a 53' semi perhaps I would have made sure he could get back there. But I was never informed what kind of truck was coming. The driver did not have time today to stay and try to figure out a way to get the pallets to his truck.

So, almost a month after the books were originally going to be picked up, they still have not been picked up.

I would like to ask you all to please pray that we can get this all figured out and taken care of very soon. I would like to also ask you to pray that I will stay calm throughout all of this. I have been stressing about it and I am very frustrated at the moment.


Kristen said...

sounds like a pain! i'll be praying for you and the situation!!! :) I know you're doing a great job! I love you!

Sheryl said...

Wow!! Still trying to get rid of all those books!! What a memory this will make! Praying for you...I Love you!