Saturday, December 13, 2008

One more week...

Til I get to go home for Christmas!! Yay! I've been a little under the weather lately and it has made me want to go home even more. Even though it is only a cold, I long for some of my mom's loving care. Granted, I would be consuming massive amounts of Vitamin C if I were home, but I also could perhaps weasle some jello juice out of the deal. You see, whenever one of us kids was sick, (like really sick, the flu and such) my mom would make us jello juice. Now, it is exactly as it sounds, literally just jello juice. Want the recipe? It's simple; make jello and don't add as much cold water as normal and instead of putting it in the fridge, pour it into a cup and drink it. It is amazingly good. And somehow it is only that good when you are sick and your mommy makes it for you. Anyways, I've been wishing that I had some jello juice and my mom these past few days even though it is only a cold. But I haven't had a cold in quite a while so I am not used to it. I remember now how much I dislike being sick.

It is weird to think that already two weeks have flown by and that next week will be the end of my first 3 week session. Overall, it wasn't too bad. It was kind of nice only having one class even though I had to go to 2 1.5 hour sessions each day of the same class (well, except for Wednesday). The first few days I was incredibly bored because we didn't really have homework yet and we had nothing going on for the sorority and I am used to keeping pretty busy. But things are picking up some and oh that reminds me! I haven't told y'all the news! Last Sunday, we had elections for Sigma Kappa. This past year I have held the position of corresponding secretary in the house. This next year...I am going to be President! I was elected last Sunday to be the new President of Beta Mu of Sigma Kappa. Woot woot!! Tomorrow I will get installed and then I will officially start in January (I think). It is still kind of weird and new to me but also exciting!

Well, I guess that is it for now. Oh and another random rained here today...and didn't freeze. Yeah, in December, in Northern Missouri, it rained. Crazy weather, huh?


Kristen said...

Congratulations!! :)

Hope you feel better soon! See you in less than a week!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was around to make you some jello juice and give you some hugs! Won't be long now... See you Friday. Love, Mom