Friday, January 23, 2009


I AM MOVING TODAY!!! Yay! So, the whole moving process in our house is happening this weekend!! Woohoo! My roomie and I will be moving into our new room today/tonight along with some other girls and the rest of the moves are happening this weekend.

Aaannnnddd....I haven't packed up. hehe...oops! Okay, well, I did pack up my books off of my bookshelf...but that's about it...and I might actually put them back on the shelf and just carry it down as is so that I can have my boxes for the rest of my stuf...we'll see.

It's colder again today :(...yesterday it was like 45 degrees. AmAzInG!! I kept having to remind myself yesterday that it was still January...sigh, oh well.

Well, I have to go to class now, just wanted to update you all on the moving situation! :)


S said...

I'm sure it will be wonderful to get settled in your new room...I'm anxious to hear how it goes carrying the books on the bookcase never works for me! Send us pics when you're done. love Mom

Kristen said...

yea for a new place!

Anonymous said...

thanks for showing all my mess, silly. -the roomie :)