Monday, January 19, 2009

My schedule for the week

Today we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. As such, we did not have classes today, which was a nice little break. However, I did still have to attend three lectures for one of my classes (one at 10, one at 11, one at 1). But they weren't too bad, considering I'm not much of a fan for lectures (who is??). Afterwards, Angie and I went to the CP and got some food and I had this amazing sandwich. Want to know what was in it?? It was turkey, ham, and american cheese...yeah, I know nothing too exciting, right? But it was AMAZING!! I don't know, maybe I was just that hungry. Anyways, then we came back to the house and I worked on my room some.

For those of you who don't know, I am still in the same room I was in last semester, for now anyways. The whole room switching thing was supposed to happen last semester but we had some issues and we've been working on figuring it all out. I think everything is finally figured out, as in all of our girls finally have a room lined up (I hope). So, sometime this week we should be moving around and stuff. I am currently on third floor, and I will be moving with my roomie (Jessi) down to second floor. So anyways I came back and cleaned my room a little bit and packed up my books in boxes so it would be easier to move them. My room is clean once again :) yay.

Tonight was our first sorority meeting of the semester, with me as president. Since it was a formal meeting, I was in charge of it. Let me tell you...I was scared to death before it started. But it turned out my fear was unnecessary because I did just fine! :) It's still a little weird for me to think that I am the president, but running that meeting makes it feel a little more real.

Tomorrow, I also do not have classes (I normally don't have class on Tuesdays). So, if you think about it I have a four day weekend from Saturday to Tuesday. Pretty cool, huh? I just realized that today...I was excited! Granted, I still have to babysit tomorrow morning and then go to work and I need to meet with someone, but I still consider it a kind of day off. Oh, and then Wednesday, my 8am class was cancelled, so I get to sleep in then too! Yay!! Should be a pretty good week...

Wednesday night I have a meeting, Thursday we are having our pictures taken for our composite as a sorority, and Saturday I have a couple of meetings, but other than that a pretty easy week! Oh, one of the boys I babysit, Charlie Banks, turns 4 on Friday!! Woohoo!

Well, I think that is it...I hope! I just bought a new planner this weekend so I can keep track of everything I have going on...good idea, huh? Yeah, I thought so, too. ;)


Heath said...

yea for planners!

Heath said...

(that was Kristen, not Heath)

S said...

I still need my new planner!! So glad your first official meeting went well. I knew you'd do an awesome job!!