Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's official...

...it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep our room at a comfortable temperature for more than a few hours. I don't know about anyone else, but I always wake up a little bit chilled. Not necessarily while I'm still in bed, but as soon as I get out of bed, I'm freezing. It doesn't matter where I am sleeping at, I am always cold when I wake up. Is there something scientific about this phenomenon? I mean I always figured something along the lines of my body didn't need to produce as much heat when I was sleeping so when I wake up it can't keep up with how warm I want to be. I guess??

Anyways, back to the room...when I wake up in the morning and am invariably cold, I turn the heater on. Makes sense, right? Well, the problem is, by the time I get back from my first class or babysitting (no more than an hour and a half later), our room is BURNING UP. So, I do the sensible thing and turn the heater off. However, by the next time I come back to our room, straight from outside where it's in the single digits, our room feels cool again and I can't get warm. So, once again, I turn the heater on. But then...I think you get the point. ;)

In our last room, it was ALWAYS hot. We turned the heater on maybe twice?? Half of the rest of the time, we had the window open...yes, in the winter, our window was open. Never for very long, but it was that hot in our room. So, needless to say, I am not used to being chilled in my room and I am definitely not used to having to mess with our heater. Oh, the other thing, we have a thermostat in our room to set the temperature, right? Well, it doesn't matter what temperature the thermostat is on; if the heater is on, it stays on til you turn it off, which is why it gets so hot in our room.

Ah, the wonders of college campuses...

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