Monday, February 1, 2010

First Day

Today was my first day in Kindergarten for student teaching. It was a good day! The students are fairly low academically, but they are such sweethearts! Although they all said good morning to me when my teacher asked them to, by the end of the day they were calling me by name and giving me hugs! :) Although, they still have problems with my name. First off, remembering it is hard enough, but also my cooperating teacher keeps forgetting how my last name is pronounced. The past few times, she did get it right, but she would still look at me and ask, "Was that right?" So I don't really blame the students for not knowing my name yet. :) At the moment, they tend to call me "Miss Gayham", which is close enough so I do respond to it.

The students are fairly rambunctious, and like I said, fairly low-achieving, so it will be a bit of a challenge. It is still weird for me to picture myself teaching the class all day long, but I have been told that eventually it will just be second-nature. Can't wait for that day! I do NOT like being unsure of myself! I am not nervous, necessarily, just not entirely comfortable either. I guess you could say I'm not exactly "biting at the bit", so to speak.

I will keep you updated as much as I can!


Horn herd mom said...

So excited for you Kendra. John would love you as a kindergarten teacher.

Kristen said...

I'm glad your first day went well!! love you sister! :)