Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Day

We have a snow day today. There is about 2 inches of snow on the ground, but it is still snowing. It is definitely weird, because I am used to going to classes no matter what (at college) and rarely getting snow days at home. However, it is simply because this area is so rural. It's amazing how location can make such a big difference. Even though I am pretty sure I would not have minded driving in this amount of snow back home, I have no desire to drive in it here, especially not all the way to school. The roads are quite hilly and curvy...not ideal for driving on when they are slick.

Anyway, I am actually slightly disappointed that I don't have school today. I wasn't even going to be with the kindergarteners today, but I am still disappointed. Yesterday, my teacher and I attended a curriculum training workshop at the high school. Although she was bored, because it is hard to apply to kindergarten and she has attended these for several years, I found it actually quite interesting. We actually talked about stuff that we talked about in college classes. It is always exciting to me to know that what we are doing in classes is actually stuff that happens in the real world and that we can take with us. After the speaker talked for a while, he let us actually work on the curriculum that everyone is developing for their grade level. It is a little confusing because the school already has a curriculum, but I think he really just wanted them to focus on what they, as teachers, thought that students at their grade level should know by the end of the year. So, for kindergarteners, they should be able to identify and describe different shapes, so that became part of the curriculum. Basically, for each part or skill that kindergarteners needed to know, my teacher created a lesson plan. Yesterday, I helped her go over them and revise them a little. Today, I was originally going to go back to the classroom, but she really enjoyed having my help yesterday, so I was going to help her finish with the curriculum.

Anyway, it may not sound like a very exciting day to anyone else, but I was looking forward to it. I was looking forward to working with an experienced teacher on stuff that happens in her classroom.

Hopefully, you can tell that I am enjoying myself. Although I am not actually teaching quite yet, I am not so nervous about it, and I really do not want to switch over to 2nd grade in 6 weeks! I am enjoying kindergarten so much that I don't want to leave! :)


Mom said...

I know you and you'll love those second graders too!! Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Kinder is great, RIGHT????! 2nd is pretty good too.........