Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Another Valentine's Day has come and almost gone, and it held a slight surprise for me this's been snowing all day long! A girl and I were talking at work today, and we couldn't quite figure out why the snow was so surprising, considering it is still February, but for some reason Valentine's Day and snow didn't seem to go together. I had to listen to wintery/Christmas-y music this morning before work so that I wouldn't get mad at the snow. For some reason, listening to Christmas music makes the abundance of snow seem okay and even acceptable. Can anyone explain that??

Anyway, I did work today, as well as last night. I have been working once a week on Sundays, since I started student teaching. Last week, a girl asked if I could cover her Saturday shift for her and I said yes. Then, another girl needed someone to take her Saturday evening shift because of a birthday, so she and I switched. So I went from not working on Saturday to working from 5:30-slow down. (Slow down literally means whenever business slows down). I ended up working until about 9:30pm last night and today I worked from 10 until about 5pm. I made good money both days, as it was busy due to the holiday. We had a special going all weekend long. It was a one pound ribeye steak in the shape of a heart to be shared by two people. Each person got a choice of potato (baked, mashed, or fries), a trip to the salad bar and dessert bar. All of this only cost them $19.99. Pretty good deal, huh? We had quite a few orders of it last night...not so many today, but we still had a couple. One guy ordered it for himself, and just had us box up the second potato for him to take home. He ate the entire pound of ribeye, along with his salad, potato, and dessert. Pretty amazing, right? I thought so.

Student teaching has been going really great! I am loving the students, my cooperating teacher, and just the experience in general. I have been taking over a few things here and there, including leading them to lunch and specials. I also have been reading books to them after lunch, and just last week I started helping out with the reading time and math worksheets. Because reading is stressed a lot on the MAP tests (Missouri's standardized tests), our reading time is an hour and a half. Seems like a long time to ask kindergarteners to sit still and learn, right? Well, it is. But my cooperating teacher does a good job of making it interesting and breaking it up. They will start on the floor, return to their tables to complete part of a worksheet, then go back to their floor spots, then back to the tables, etc. The students handle it pretty well. The last two days, Thursday and Friday, I read the story to them and asked them questions about the story. My teacher keeps telling me I need to be louder....who would ever have thought I had a quiet voice??? Haha, just kidding. I know I have a quiet voice, and it is hard for me sometimes because I feel like I am shouting and I don't like to shout. But my teacher assures me that she has not heard me shout once, so I just need to learn to be louder.

This week I have my first supervision by a college professor. I am not really nervous about it yet, but I think I might be when it gets closer. I will be teaching science time, followed by math time.

This weekend, my body has been working on developing a nice cold. I have been taking dayquil and nyquil, which helps. When the dayquil kicks in, I am fine. But as soon as it wears off, I can definitely tell. Hopefully, it will not last too long. I have been trying to get some extra sleep and keep my body pumped up with Vitamin C.

School is not in session tomorrow, for me, due to President's Day. The college will still be holding classes, but since I am not taking any on campus, I have the day off tomorrow. I didn't even tell work, so I don't have to work either. :)

Well, the dayquil I took a bit ago has not kicked in yet, so my head is sort of pounding, so I will end this now. I'll let you all know how my first supervision goes!

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your supervision visit...they are usually not so bad...usually they try to make you feel at ease....